Hotfix 3.6.10

Hello Soldiers!

In today's maintenance we carried out several updates of problems that had been on the server for some time, the corrections were made in order to bring more quality and fluidity to the players and also solve some serious problems that occurred in the last week, such as the disappearance of items and lag during the game.

In addition to the big fixes, we also have some new features for secondary systems like World Boss, King Bless, leagues, battle stunts and more.

See the full list of updates:

  • KingBless Buff
    • Removed functions that did not work in the game
    • Fixed attribute buff
    • Fixed system sync that was causing it to disappear after login in some cases

  • Special Events
    • Now the Jewel Farm do not update the prizes after relog
    • The Lucky Star ranking now is fixed and will not reset
    • The World Boss now show the damage on hit
    • The World Boss life now is sync at real time on the lobby

  • Missing Items
    • Fixed issue that caused items to disappear from inventory for some time

  • League Fixes
    • The weekly contribution ranking is now correctly saved and displayed for everyone in the league
    • Fixed issue of wrong IGN in league invite list

  • In Battle fixes
    • Added effects from version 11.0, now new stunts will be shown after high difficulty shots
    • PVP bot update, now skill usage is smarter and more humane
    • - Internal update in flash, lag between screen transitions and request improved (fluidity)
    • Fix avatar list gray icons (when it becomes transparent due to not loading)

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Team.