HOTFIX 3.6.8

Hey Soldiers! 

In this maintenance our team was successful in fixing several issues that were reported during the last few weeks, see the list below to see what has changed in our new patch.

We count on your help to report new bugs, this is extremely important, so don't forget to report it on our Discord or Facebook Support!

See the list of changes below:


  • Fix the matchmaking and PvP balance.

Now the matches in PvP will search for a opponent in your level of power, making the matches more challeging for everyone.

  • Prize for the winner of Elite Tournament

Now the system will send the correct prize for the winner automatically in the end of the tournament.

  • Pet Sealing Fusion

Now It's possible to make the merge of all the Advanced Egg sealings available on the servers, good luck with your new pet!

  • EXP Card Remaining

Now the EXP Card add the correct time of buff to your character and the count work as it should when you relog.

  • World boss announcement

The World Boss announccement is fixed and it will not spam anymore, making the chat clean again.

  • Golden Football Fix

The auxiliary weapon Golden Football now works in the correct way and can be used in all servers.

  • Disconnect warning

Now when you get disconnected from the game by a internet error, a message appears to you warning about it.

  • Click limit on Practice System

Now a warning message appears when a player uses a auto clicker on Practice system, reducing the lag caused by the number of requests in a short time.

  • Rooms list on boatyard

Fixed the display of rooms in the boatyard list, now all rooms can be seen normally.

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

If you have any questions or problems, click here to contact us.

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Best regards,

7TEEN Team.