New Era Insides!

New Era Insides!

We are online for more than 3 years and with 13 servers so far, guaranteeing the nostalgia of the best version of DDT for everyone and always respecting the opinion of our players, making only necessary changes and without updates that take away the nostalgia of our beloved version.

Our company has more than 15 people working daily on the game to ensure your best experience, you can find members of our team on our official discord or on our Facebook and Instagram page, our team will be ready to help you in any language and at any time, just send your problem, doubt or suggestion!

At the moment we are working to resolve any and all bugs found on the servers, a few months ago we started a process of polishing the systems where we took something from the game and restructured it entirely in order to solve the problems found, a good example of this are the tasks, a problem that caused that the 13/13 crash occurred. Our development team spent weeks rebuilding every line of this system to fix bugs and make it run smoother, making a more optimized and updated game. In the next few days we will have a new update on the server events, where everything related to special events will be redone, don't miss the news!

This is a little bit of what's been happening at DDT New Era, we're happy to have you here and we hope you're having fun on our servers, we always look forward to your suggestions for that.

Thank you all,

Team 7TEEN.