HOTFIX 3.6.11

Hello soldiers!

Another update was successfully completed and we had several important fixes for the game, in addition to continuing with our pattern of performing reworks of systems that presented errors frequently and that were outdated in quality levels.

In our reworks this week, we brought a lot of interesting news that will bring a new challenge to the game, such as 8 new conditions in Accept Rewards and the return of the tournament, which was completely redone and should have its debut again in a few days, with new prizes and challenges!

Follow the list of changes:

  • General Fixes

- Fixed league shop bugs, now leagues need the correct contribution amount and level to buy shop items.

- Fixed LTD Tasks synchronization problem that caused errors in award delivery.

- Fixed weapon gold conversion and transfer.

- Weapons shape update issue has been fixed, now weapons update the shape correctly according to their level and GOLD state.

- We made updates to avoid cases where players were born dead in PVP and PVE battles.

- Added a function where items that disappeared from the backpack are sent back to the player's mailbox automatically.

- Applied fixes to the fusion system to avoid errors in which the game did not allow the fusion of an item.

  • Accept Reward Rework

- Fixed errors of receiving the rewards without completing the conditions.

- Added activity progress.

- Added 8 new conditions in the system. (can be added on the servers soon)

  • Elite Tournament Rework

- The entire tournament system has been recreated to eliminate the errors that previously occurred, the system for creating rooms, matchmaking and sending prizes has been completely corrected.

- The event will return to the game in the coming days with updated prizes.

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Team.