HOTFIX 3.6.13

During the last weeks our team has been working on corrections in all servers to fix errors found by our players.

In addition to all the bugs fixed, our team is also constantly working on optimizing the game, making it lighter and with fewer problems, avoiding crashes or lags that have been happening for some time.

Here is a list of some of the issues fixed in this update:


  • Added limit of uses per second in the blacksmith, this will help to reduce lag and also errors during any kind of action in the blacksmith.

  • Added Level setting in elite tournament, now we can create new divisions of level for tournament on all servers.

  • Added UI fixes on various systems, tweaked position, text and texture differences have been changed.

  • New boatyard "Shell Island" has been added to the servers and will soon be released for play.

  • Add server-side verification to reduce lag and crashes

  • Adjusted the Practice value of players who had higher than allowed level due to the use of "Use All" function (All practice potions will be sent again to all players.)

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

If you have any questions or problems, click here to contact us.

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Best regards,

7TEEN Team.