HOTFIX 3.6.18

We're always working hard to make our game better for you. We're excited to share that along with fixing some bugs, we've also added some big new features that we think you're going to love. You'll find a detailed list of all the changes below. These updates are all about making the game more stable, easier to use, and more fun to play. Your support keeps us going, and we plan to keep making the game better and better. Keep an eye out for more cool updates coming soon!


  • New Spirit Pill levels added

  • New event: Pyramid added

  • Adds a general coin consumption condition

  • Added a recharge button in the toolbar

  • Adds new task conditions:
    • Consume: Voucher
    • Consume: Gold
    • Consume: Pet Food (Any Type)
    • Consume: Practice Pill (Any Level)
    • Consume: Totem Amulet

  •  Added protection against attacks

Hello soldiers!


  • Removed the 15-day rule from the hall of fame

  • Fixed the gain of points from the pyramid item +50

  • Fixed the MT. Hunt / Treasure event

  • Hall of Fame order corrected

  • Fixed HUD disappearing in the laboratory

  • Fixes pet feeding condition

  • Fixed information in the 2nd tutorial on how to use the angle


  • Adjusted the position of buffs on desktop/mobile

  • Fixed arrows in the tutorial that did not exist (mobile)

  • Fixed the scale of the minimap (mobile)

  • Fixed the position of the minimap, moving it to the left due to the screen edge (mobile)

  • Adjusted the hitbox of the angle button (mobile)

  • Added quality setting in the in-game settings menu Desktop/Mobile

  • Implementation of the distance ruler on mobile

  • Removes unnecessary Tips on mobile

Thank you for being a part of our community, soldiers. Your enthusiasm and support make all these improvements possible. We're committed to delivering an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates and features in the days to come.

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Games Team.