New host and Hotfix 3.6.12

Hello dear soldiers!

Our host change was successfully completed and now we will have a server with more processing power and a ping up to 3x lower in regions of Asia and Europe, making the game much faster and smoother.

Changing hosts is a time-consuming process, as all game files must be transferred during this process, so we apologize for the longer maintenance than usual, but we didn't just change hosts during maintenance.

We took advantage of the offline server time to apply the new Hotfix that brought more corrections and news to the server, see the list of changes:


  •  New host installed, reducing response time and improving internal processes that previously caused lag.

  • The Card access button has been moved to the top of the inventory to create space to a new system.

  • Added a "Coming Soon" button on the side of the inventory, we will have a new system soon.

  • We made changes in the "Use All" system of practices, now using all will use only the necessary amount for the next level.

  • Added cross-server Hall of Fame.

  • Added an alert that notifies you when special events are available (Like Lucky Star, Monopoly or Jewel Farm)

  • Now the "Flash Task" sends the rewards automatically and will be displayed outside of the common tasks.

  • Added "Runes" system, a new type of buff that increase the stats values for a limited time.

  • Fixed the option to select the amount of exchanges in LTD tasks.

  • Added more fixes to avoid cards stuck at the end of dungeons.

  • Fixed the issue where players were born dead at the start of the match

  • Fixed issue where dealing critical damage only dealt -1 damage to enemies.

  • Changed the text on the dungeon selection page to unlock the last stage (King Bless).

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Team.