Deja vu! S12

Event Description

 The server is calling for you to return! Experience the new and upcoming changes that will come on Server 12. We know that it has been long since you played so here are rewards that will be helping you to catch up!

Event Duration

January 13, 2023 - January 19, 2023 <23:59 Server Time>

Event Mechanics

Players who were offline for 25 days or more will be able to claim these rewards.

Event Rewards:

> Energy Stone Level 5 (x50)

> Divine Amulet (x20)

> 50% Amulet (x20)

> Synthesize Stone Level 5 (all colors) (x30)

> Angelic Arm <30 Days> (x1)

> Random Attribute Pearl Level 3 (x20)

> Practice Pill Level 2 (x50)

> Spirit Pill (x5,000)

> Junior Drill (x50) 

> Exp Pill Level 2 (x50)

> Returnee Pack