Server 1/9

Hello soldiers! Due to some Task issues, some tasks were impossible for you to complete so we’ve prepared these items to make up for the tasks that you were not able to do. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

? Players may claim the rewards using the “Accept Reward” button in the event’s tab.


? EXP Pill Lv 6 (x20)

? Spirit Pill (x20,000)

? Honor Essence (x10)

? Super Practice Pill Lv 5 (x15)

? Weapon Master Pack (x55)

? Double EXP Card (x1) (24 Hours Each)

? Double Glory Card (x1) (24 Hours Each)

? Recovery Holy Stone Lv 6 (x100)

? Fortune Chips (x3)

? Providence Key (x3)