HOTFIX 3.6.15 - Pet and LTD fixes!!

Hello soldiers! 

We're always working hard to make our game better for you. We're excited to share that along with fixing some bugs, we've also added some big new features that we think you're going to love. You'll find a detailed list of all the changes below. These updates are all about making the game more stable, easier to use, and more fun to play. Your support keeps us going, and we plan to keep making the game better and better. Keep an eye out for more cool updates coming soon!


Interface fixes:

  • Game Hall
  • Tournament buttons
  • Laboratory
  • Totem
  • Level UP
  • Wedding Room
  • Beginner's Chest
  • Item Tips/Popups

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Added 2 new World Bosses: Night Count and Football Captain

  • LTD system completely fixed
  • Fixed PET Restoration

  • Consume bug fixed
  • Fixed the card auto Flip bug

  • Resolved GOLD charge issue for SPA Shortcut

  • Fixed pagination in Community (Dating)
  • Fixed league Buffs purchase

  • Addressed an issue with the Angelic Arm icon

  • Fixed Level icon crash in the room list

  • Resolved fortification bug at the blacksmith

  • Corrected BUFF information given by KingBless

  • Fixed the Ice + buff, +1 +2, and Trident BUG

  • Adjusted the duration of item sale mails

  • Fixed mail deletion

  • New conditions for Accept Rewards are fixed

  • Implemented a level-based fortification limit system

  • Fixed a map bug in Shadow Castle Stg.1

  • Fixed the Gulu Kingdom Stg.4 issue - Mardicus bug after freezing

  • Corrected the display of total collected souls

  • Resolved a bug where souls stopped appearing for the ghost.

  • Removed unnecessary game logs (positive impact on performance)

  • Fixed issues when trying to display a collection with wrong items.

  • Addressed one potential stone bug

    Pet Skills

  • Fixed the Tenderness PET bug when upgrading from level 0 to level 1

  • Resolved the game crash bug when trying to buy a non-existent item in QuickBuy shop.

  • Fixed the Gulu PET Skills

  • Fixed the chick missile skill affecting two turns

  • Corrected Growing Seed Skill

  • Fixed non-functional pet skill slot

  • Added the correct effect for the Pet Green Germine's Flying Seed Skill.

Thank you for being a part of our community, soldiers. Your enthusiasm and support make all these improvements possible. We're committed to delivering an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates and features in the days to come.

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Games Team.