HOTFIX 3.6.14

Hello dear soldiers! 

We're always working hard to make our game better for you. We're excited to share that along with fixing some bugs, we've also added some big new features that we think you're going to love. You'll find a detailed list of all the changes below. These updates are all about making the game more stable, easier to use, and more fun to play. Your support keeps us going, and we plan to keep making the game better and better. Keep an eye out for more cool updates coming soon!


- {Pet System} New pet upgrade feature available: Pet Tenderness!

- {Runes} Runes are now available at 5 levels and can be used to boost your power for 1 hour!

- {Tournament} The 2v2 tournament can now be scheduled twice per day.

- {Shell Island} Shell Island is now available to be added on all servers and will be accessible to all players soon.

The new systems must be distributed on servers over the next few days, this will depend on each server, if in doubt, consult the responsible moderator.


- {Mail} Fixed the bug where players could duplicate items using the mail system. (S1/12)

- {Chat} The de-sync bug has been fixed; all messages will now appear to everyone on the server.

- {Limited-Time Tasks} The LTD multiplier selector is now fixed, and the quantity deducted corresponds to the player's selection.

- {King Bless} Fixed an issue with King Bless renewal that caused some players to lose their coins.

- {King Bless} Fixed the Free Boss count; the correct quantity is now added daily to all players.

- {King Bless} Fixed the bug requiring players to relog after activating King Bless.

- {League} The League Shop has been revised, and all bugs have been fixed to ensure the system functions properly.

- {League} League members' offline time count has been fixed; the game will now display the correct time.

- {League} Fixed the bug that allowed 2v2 Looking For (LF) to be initiated without a league.

- {League} Optimized the League badge purchase process.

- {Calendar} System completely overhauled; all functions and counters now work correctly.

- {Calendar} Fixed the old month day count; the system will now only count the current month.

- {Calendar} Day check counter has been fixed.

- {Secret Land} Fixed the portal positions for stages 15 and 20.

- {Luck Star} The Luck Star ranking is now fixed and updated in real time.

- {Luck Star} Fixed the distribution of Top 10 prizes.

- {Luck Star} Optimized the Luck Star reset system to minimize lag.

- {Inventory} Changes have been made to the inventory system to prevent issues with missing items.

- {Inventory} Fixed the stacking of 2x Experience and 2x Contribution card buffs.

- {Battle} Fixed issues with the Challenge, free fight, and boatyard viewer slots; they are now synchronized.

- {Battle} Optimized map loading.

- {Game Images} Fixed 108 resource images (World Boss, Monopoly, SPA, Marriage)

UI Fixes

- Various UI fixes for LTD, Monopoly, and Calendar

- UI adjustments for Secret Land and First Recharge

- UI refinements for Tournament and GoTo

- Verified and optimized language strings

- UI fixes for the Blacksmith Gold tab and advanced UI

- UI corrections for Trident and POW descriptions

- Revised the new game level increase reward UI

- Fixed the UI for private chat nickname spaces

- UI corrections for package pop-ups

- Fixed the UI for marriage room names

- UI adjustments for Trident, Flying, and POW for new characters (New player quests)

- UI fixes for Fight Spirit item positions, checkbox positions, progress bar positions, and descriptions

- Optimized maintenance mode

- UI fixes for Totem, Latent Energy, Firing Range, and League members

- UI adjustments for Guild and SPA

Thank you for being a part of our community, soldiers. Your enthusiasm and support make all these improvements possible. We're committed to delivering an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience for everyone. Stay tuned for even more exciting updates and features in the days to come.

That's all for this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

7TEEN Games Team.