Game Guide

In this topic we will address some points about society such as: missions, store, vault, forge and societies battles.

Enter into society:

The player can freely choose to participate in any company created by others after reaching level 6. There are two ways to participate in a society:

The first method is to apply to some already created society and wait for the owner or administrators to accept it. While the second, the player is enough to be invited by an owner or administrator of some company to participate in it (invitations can be checked in the "invitations tab in the society lobby, so does the "applications" tab that will show the companies in which applications for entry have already been applied.

or 500 coupons to complete creation.

Functions of society:

Once the company is created, some enhancement options are offered so that members can have advantages Exclusive. How to: Unique Society Store, Enhancement of Blacksmith Attributes, Enhanced Deposit, and Membership Skills.

The level of society can be improved through donations from players who are on the team, for each level it takes a different amount of donation, and it is cumulative of all players.

Society vault:

The company vault serves as an extension of backpack slots that can be expanded up to 100 slots extras, being they released according to the level of their society.


The society blacksmith after being improved will influence its success rate in evolutions in player equipment.


As well as other topics, the society store releases 10 items to be obtained at its 5 upgrade levels. All these items are limited and can be obtained  only through the company store.

Battle of Societies:

The battle of societies includes battles of 2, 3 or up to 4 players from different societies facing each other on the battlefield to complete missions or accumulate honor for society that will be useful over time.