Game Guide

In the DDTank school system there are two options, you can become a master who will guide a student in order to present the game and help him evolve or an apprentice ready to become stronger!

To access the Master and Apprentice system you must go to the school that is located in the lobby and there you will find a full list of students available to be chosen as students by their future masters.

The school is the opportunity to learn and learn more about the game, as the system has great rewards and teachings are passed from experienced players who can have essential tips for the evolution of their student.


Students can join the school from level 6 and will form level 20. During this trajectory the student will receive rewards at levels 10,15,18,20 being the last of his graduation award.

Awards for students come in the form of an exclusive chest that can be obtained after reaching the levels mentioned above, the prizes are increasing, the higher the level achieved the better the prize that will be obtained. being the last one to be an exclusive graduation outfit.  

Students will receive several advantages during the school period, such as: Bonus experience in PvP battles accompanied by their master, exclusive missions, exclusive titles and stones necessary for the evolution of equipment.

Exclusive items:


To become a master player  need  be above level 20, a master can have up to 3 students at the same time, being them above level 6 and lower than level 16. 

As master in DDTank , you will receive rewards when your apprentice levels up and will also earn experience bonuses in PVP battles when accompanied by your disciple, missions, and items to help evolve the character.

In addition to receiving rewards during the lesson period the master will receive at the graduation of his student a special commemorative costume and an exclusive title.

Exclusive items: