HOTFIX 3.6.6

Hey warriors of New Era!!

More one adjusts and implements in game for all our players. Enjoy of all events and news!!

Check now the HOTFIX 3.6.6 


•Pet hunger issue. Now the pet's power does not decrease when feeding it.

•The +18 icon has been fixed.

•Bug in tournament rewards is fixed. Rewards will now be sent correctly!


•We have implemented the 2x Contribution. Whenever this card is activated, any contribution added to the League will be multiplied.

•We fixed the World Boss SHOP to the events tab, just open the events tab and click on Glory Road!

•We increased the maximum level of cards, now you can level up to 50.

New Events:

•DragonBoat Event added in game.

•King Bless System added in game.

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