Give your feedback!

Event Description

> Hi Soldiers, your thoughts matter to us. We would like to know your suggestions and feedback, it will greatly help in developing the game even further, thank you for your cooperation! 


Event Duration

> July 08, 2022 - July 16, 2022

Event Rewards

S1: Lillooet

>2,000 Coins

>Totem Amulet (x800)

>Evolution Stone Piece (x20)

>Exp Pills Lvl. 6 (x100)

>Practice Pill Lv3 (x80)

S9: Memories Valley

>2,000 Coins

>Spirit Pill (x3,500) 

>Totem Amulet (x5,000) 

>Enhance Stone (x3) 

>Thousand Leaves (x350)

S10: Berserkers Land

>2,000 Coins

>Totem Amulet (x500)

>Thousand Leaves (x50)

>Practice Pill Lv 2 (x10)

>Spirit Pill (x500)

>Amrita Pills (x20)

> Magic Fruit (x5)

Link to participate: