Server 8 Events!

Treasure Hunt

Event Description

>  Treasure Hunt with a twist! The participants will be given a random story that contains a hidden clue. 

Event Duration

> January 17, 2022 - January 30, 2022

Event Mechanics

> Registration will start on January 17, 2022 and will end on January 23, 2022
> The event will be held on January 29, 2022 - January 30, 2022.

> Players may register using this form :

> Players will receive an email through the email they registered in the form.

> The email contains the story that hides the clue to the “Password” of the encrypted attachment.

> The players who were able to open their encrypted attachment need to reply to that email containing a screenshot of the contents of the file that they see.

> Players have 24 hours (starting from the time the email was sent to them) to open their chest in order to claim the rewards inside the chest.

> Players who fail to open their chest will only receive participation rewards, and players who were able to open their chests will receive the rewards inside the chest they opened. 

Event Reward

> A treasure surprise full of necessities.

Bright Bird

Event Description

> Participate in the quiz about DDTank-related questions and get yourself a prize.

Event Duration

> January 17, 2022 - January 22, 2022

Event Mechanics and Rewards

> The event will involve a 3rd party application called Kahoot!

> The quiz will be held in discord (Special Voice Channel) consisting of 30 questions!
> Facilitator will be live for the questions, and players must join the link that will sent in
> Facilitator will be in the discord live at 8:00 AM Server Time on January 22, 2022.
> Questions will be 20 seconds each only.
> Fastest to answer gets more points to get to the top 5.

> There will be a podium for this quiz:
    > Top 1: 4000 coins
    > Top 2: 3500 coins
    > Top 3: 3000 coins
    > Top 4: 2500 coins
    > Top 5: 2000 coins

> Participation Reward: 500 coins

The OG Returns

Event Description
The server is calling for your old friend's return! Experience the new and upcoming changes that will come on Server 8. We know that it has been long since you played so here are rewards that will be helping you or your friends to catch up!

Event Duration

> January 17, 2022 - January 31, 2022

Event Mechanics

> Players who were offline for 20 days or more will be able to claim these rewards.

Event Rewards

> Returnee Pack

Heroic Fiesta

Event Description

> The Boatyard has been blessed with Pills and A special item for rewards! Defeat dungeons and you shall receive them. Frostgale has mentioned that this SnowFlake and Christmas Medal is for exchange and special tasks will come out on the day of Christmas, be sure to collect as many as you can as maybe the elves around can wrap something very nice for you!

Event Duration

> January 17, 2022 - January 23, 2022

Event Mechanics and Reward

> Pass: Gulu Kingdom Heroic - Practice Pill Lv3 x7, Spirit Pill x50

> Pass: Shadow Castle Heroic - Practice Pill Lv3 x7, Spirit Pill x50

> Pass: Cthulhu Tribe Heroic - Practice Pill Lv3 x8, Spirit Pill x60

> Pass: Dragon Zone Heroic - Practice Pill Lv3 x82, Spirit Pill x60

> Pass: Gulu Sports Heroic - Practice Pill Lv4 x8, Spirit Pill x70

> Pass: Time Vortex Heroic - Practice Pill Lv4 x8, Spirit Pill x100