Server 6/7 Events!
  • Rock Paper Scissors I

Event Description

>  Janken-Pon! Ready to reminisce about your childhood and play Rock Paper Scissors? This is the event for you! Rock, Papers, Scissors, SHOOT!

Event Duration

> January 19, 2022

Event Mechanics

> There will be 15 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors and 5 Bonus rounds.

> Winners can still play with no limits!

> 1 winner per bonus question.


> 500 Coins


> Spirit Pills (x1,000)

> Thousand Leaves (x200)

> Ares Deck V (x1)

  • New Year Fashion and Fads

Event Description

> Dressing and styling your character is one of the best features of DDTank, use your creativity and create the best style that suits the theme!

Event Duration

> January 16 - 21 , 2021

Event Mechanics
> Theme: Fresh Looks

> There will be a google form posted in discord server where players can submit their entry

> Players can design their characters in the shop (Without buying the items, Just preview)

> Players can choose what items to hide (Hat, Glasses, Suit, Wings)

> All items must be from shop (No special items from recharge, seasonal, Refine)
> Screen shot as it is no need for editing outside the game

> The Facilitator will choose the winner, One with most creative and most suitable for the theme

> Only one entry per player


> The rewards will be posted in discord, be sure to join our discord for more information

  • A Whole New Quiz! II

Event Description

> Participate in our DDTank Related questions and get yourself a prize!

Event Duration

> December 19, 2021

Event Mechanics

> There will be a quiz held in discord ( consisting of 15 questions with 1000 coins as a reward for each winner.

> A player can only win a maximum of 3 questions.

> 5 Bonus Rounds. 1 Winner per Bonus Questions.


> 1000 Coins


> Spirit Pill (x1,000)

> Exp Pill Lv7 (x100)

> Ares Deck V (x1)