Game Overhaul

News about updates and 2022.

From your nostalgic game, New Era

Greetings, everyone! 

¦ Update Notice

> A lot of you may have been aware of sudden changes without a proper announcement or explanation from our team. We are slowly applying changes to fix errors, unbalanced items, and functioning details of the game. We appreciate everyone's patience towards this slow update, we are taking it slowly but surely to ensure that no player progression will be broken. In this update we plan to bring the best experience for everyone.

Function Updates

1. System Announcement - We are aware that our *Purple Announcement* has been spamming on your chats and sometimes it is disruptive when reading it, we added this function to help lessen the pollution of chat spam in the game.

2. New World Boss Function - As you guys may have been aware of there is a daily update of the world boss leaderboard scores, in the future we will integrate this where players will receive rewards for being in the top 10.

In-Game Updates

1. New World Boss Shop

2. New 2v2 Weekly Rewards

3. New Jewel Farm Rewards

3. New Boatyard Drops

4. New Monopoly Rewards

5. New Game House Drops

... And more!

Pearl System Update - All pearl function, names, and chance/rate has now been updated to fix the unbalanced number as before pearls have different values.

Badge Update - All badges is now procedural and expect only the soldier badge to be released as permanent, meaning all stronger preceding badges will be available as days only.

 Changes: Energy Stone, Gold Cast Pearls, and Enhance Stone - We have fixed the description of these following items to help new players as well to understand better the function of items, while adding a new *Energy Stone Level 6* which will be released soon.

Future Updates to 2022

 New Boatyard: Shell Island - A new challenge will be available on the island soon, the new dungeon is already being tested on our experimental server and should come to everyone soon bringing new mechanics to the game.

 Remake on Pet System - All equipment, eggs and pets will be redone and rethought to bring a better balance to the server, we also plan to add new unique skills and pets throughout the year.

 New World Boss -  The new World Boss will be added to the game soon, it will function as the current World Boss, however with a new enemy, we will bring more news about that soon.

 New Events: Lucky Star and Dragon Boat - The next limited time events to be added are ready and tested, we will be adding them to the game soon.

 Cards Remake - As with pearls, all cards will be changed to improve server level, we will also add new stronger packs and cards.

We will do our best to provide stable game experience. 

Have a good new year,

DDTank New Era Team