Hotfix 3.6.3 #9

Hey soldiers! We did a fast maintenance today to add and fix some things in the servers, we are always working to improve the server and fix everything, and you can help us with that, don't forget to report any issue that happen to you in our Facebook page and Discord group, you can receive a reward for reporting!

See the list of changes below:


  • Some improvements were made in the batch opening system, now there will be no more errors in this system.

  • The healing given by auxiliary items in stage 3 of the "Time Vortex" dungeon has been fixed.

  • The freeze on Captain Command in Stage 1 of Team Vortex has been fixed.

  • Some maps that could not be dug before have been altered and are now destroyed normally.

  • Improvements in the "Organize Backpack" system were also implemented, now the system prevents items from disappearing after using it.

  • The weekly tournament system has been revamped and will now have no failures in submitting items.


  • The badge slot will be usable (We will release this on the servers soon).

  • Now in the "LTD Time" event we have the new reload ranking function.

Those were the changes and fixes made in this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

Team 7TEEN