Hotfix 3.6.3 #7

Today we made another hotfix focused on improving the servers and fixing the problems that are being reported by you on our Facebook page and Discord group, It's very important for us receive reports and suggestions from players, so keep reporting!

See the list of changes and improvements made in our servers:

General Issues

> We fixed problems related to the flying skill, such as the Fly + Shield and Fly + Buff combination.

> Now the button "Organize" works for all pages of the backpack.

> The free gift now delivers the prizes correctly.

> Fixed the bug where it was not possible to cross the portal into the secret land.

> It is now possible to see the character's exp after level 50.


> The use of the pet + pow ability has been fixed and can now be used together normally.

> Adjustments were made to the problem where the pets have wrong form.

Weapons and equipment

> The magic shield is no longer invisible in battles.

> The weapons in the list below can now be transferred and will have the correct stats according to the level.

Cursed Muramasa

? ? Muramasa

Epic Exalibur

Magic Harp

Those were the changes and fixes made in this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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Best regards,

Team 7TEEN