Chakra Refill

Event Duration
 < April 23, 2021 - April 30, 2021 ,23:59>

Event Description
Hinata chan is giving away Energy Stones as rewards for those who are in need.
Pass the following dungeons to be rewarded.

Event Rewards
> Gulu Sports Normal: Energy Stone Level 5 x10, Divine Amulet x2, 25% Amulet x2, Spirit Pill x500

> Gulu Sports Difficult: Energy Stone Level 5 x15, Divine Amulet x3, 25% Amulet x3, Spirit Pill x1000

> Gulu Sports Heroic: Energy Stone Level 5 x20, Divine Amulet x5, 25% Amulet x5, Spirit Pill x1200,

Valid for server 1-3 only.