Hotfix 3.6.3 #6

Today we made another hotfix focused on improving the servers and fixing the problems that are being reported by you on our Facebook page and Discord group, It's very important for us receive reports and suggestions from players, so keep reporting!

See the list of changes and improvements made in our servers:

Game News:

> In this maintenance we had a great improvement in the game system, we implemented a new machine in our data center, this will reduce the lag and the problems caused by the latency of the server.


> The problem of changing weapons during a boatyard instance has been fixed, now you can change weapons normally between stages and you will have your turn correctly.

> Adjustments were made to the life of the barrel in the Stage 1 of the Shadow Castle dungeon, now it needs to be healed to reach the gate.

> Fixed the visual effect issue that showed that players still had debuffs in boatyards even after passing the stage when they received the debuff.

> Now when using the Fly skill in LF & FF battles, the enemy cannot see where it will fall.

Changed the visual effect of the +15 outfit, now the outfit shows correct visual effect. (Light effect around the character in the profile).

> Fixed an issue where players were able to collect two weapons per week in the Cu Login event.

> The pearls effects were activated again at the World Boss event.

Those were the changes and fixes made in this maintenance, thanks and have a good game!

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