Hotfix 3.6.3 #5

In this Hotfix 3.6.3 # 5, we made more changes and fixes on server problems, during the last few weeks we received many reports of errors and problems that affected the servers negatively, we are very grateful for this and we hope it stays that way so that we can always keep the game as good as possible for everyone, here are the changes made today. Thanks!

Fixes List:

We have reduced the amount of stuck in the boatyards by more than 90%, we will continue to work on this to fix 100% in the coming days.

The items in the World Boss store have been changed on server 6.

Fixed the hitbox of the bosses of the dungeons Gulu Sports and Cthulhu, now the attacks no longer pass through them.

> Removed the second stage from the Gulu Sports dungeon.

We made corrections in the chat system during PVP matches, now the enemy team can no longer see the chat of the other team.

Now the new weapon Special Ares Golden can start FF and LF battles normally.

> Fixed the pet Chic skill "Unbreakable".

> Fixed the bug where players were able to use the fly and use skills +1 or +2 during FF and LF fights.

> Fixed an issue where it was possible to unlock the backpack without using the password.

> Changed the message after releasing a student who said that it would only be possible to accept another student after 24 hours, now the message shows the correct time, 48 hours.

> Fixed the bug where it was possible to use the "Set" function on the cards to have main cards in secondary slots.


> Items that had no image but occupy spaces in the backpacks were excluded.

> We made corrections in all stages of the Time Vortex dungeon.

Fixed a bug in the "Fighting spirit" function where  when you click in the lucky points its shows the defense status.

It is now possible to remove the "Wind" ability after playing in the boatyard.

Don't forget to whenever you encounter a problem, report it to us on our support platforms, thank you!

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