Hotfix 3.6.3 #3

Hey soldiers!  We are proud to announce our biggest Hotfix ever made! In this update we fixed more than 37 problems that have been reported to us in the last few weeks, in addition, we present a new system that will change the game! Remembering that we are always open to receive reports and we really appreciate this type of help, so whenever you find something wrong, tell us!

Now see everything that was done during maintenance:


Cross-server system. (Test phase)

Now the overseas battles are released! You will be able to face enemies of all the servers that we have, including those of our partner DDTank Nueva Era, prepare to dominate more than your server, conquer the whole world!

Stone Lv 5 released for trade in the mail.

Now lv 5 strengthening stones can be sent by mail, making it easier to negotiate with other players!

League Fixes

- League Badge now expires.

- Now the Wealth is deducted when upgrading League Skill.

- Daily and weekly wealth are displayed in the hall of fame now.

Pets Fixes

- All skills of the Ancient Dragon pet have been fixed and now work normally.

- Advantage Pet skill Gulu fixed.

- Chicken pet skills "Attack point" and "Furious chicken" are working now.

- The skill "Sword level 2"  of the pet Gulu is fixed.

Boatyards Fixes

- Stage 1 of Run Run Chicken is completely fixed. 

- The barrel on stage 1of the Shadow Castle now works smoothly.

- Piercing pearl, now gives the correct damage in boatyards.

- The Boss Trap in the stage 3 of the Dragon's Lair are fixed. (You don't take damage of your friends inside the trap).

- Fixed the issue where in stage 4 Gulu Kingdom Difficult, after the drama of Leonardo and Matias, all players moved to left side.

- Fixed the the score stuck on Gulu Sports Heroic.

- Now the boss debuff skills are not taken to the next stage of the boatyard.

General Fixes

- The issue where refined items not go to the mail when the backpack is full are fixed now.

- Changed the stamina gives for the Super leopard Pearl 3 and Super Leopard 4.

- The additional attributes earn after leveling a card are added up now. (+XX)

- Now it is no longer possible to enter a boatyard room without having a weapon equipped. (A warning appears on the screen to warn about it).

- Servers unavailable notice bug doesn't happen anymore.

- Fixed the issue where when change your nickname ,you old ign will still be visible for others.        

- Fixed the double ice issue on LF & FF.

- Task "Smelt a Vermilion level 2" fixed, now the smelt condition works in tasks .

- The synthesis stones Serpent, Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix Lv 6 now have the same success rate.

- Fixed an issue where the S-Leopard pearl had the effect taken to the next stage of the boatyard.

-  Fixed the problem when your first turn already passed 3 seconds, your turn get bugged

- Super Defense Pearl - Recovery Level 6, now has the correct effect.

- All pearls now activate correctly in LF & FF.

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Best regards,

Team 7TEEN